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What are they :
tendons are the structures thank which muscles are able to flex and extend the wrist and the fingers. They insert into the bones, are very flexible and resistant. Cuts on the palm or on the dorsum of the wrist, hand, or fingers can injure the tendons and nearby nerves and blood vessels. The injury may appear simpler then it is actually.

How treat them:
treatment is surgical and aims to put together the two ends of the tendons and to restore function. A faster treatment gives more chance of success. The surgical procedure depends on the tendon injured and the level of the lesion. Often the tendon retracts and a larger surgical exposure of the original wound may be needed. Sometime the tendon can disattached from its bony insertion as well and need to be reinserted.
The surgical procedure is performer under brachial plexus anaesthesia. A period of controlled mobilization with the use of special splints that allows only certain movements follows the operation. Hand therapy plays a major role in this kind of lesions; it has the goal to minimize adhesions. Scarring of the tendon repair is a normal part of the healing process. In some cases, the scarring can make bending and straightening of the finger very difficult and a secondary surgical procedure may be necessary.