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What it is:
a fracture occurs when enough force is applied to a bone to break it. Pain, swelling, and decreased use of the injured part are usually present. Fractures may be stable with the fragments pieces aligned or unstable with the bony fragments that tend to displace or shift. Furthermore a fracture may be closed, if there is no laceration of the skin or open if the skin is involved. In the latter case it increases the risk of infection. The fractures of the wrist and hand is a relatively common evenience. Diagnosis is made by clinical evaluation and x ray findings.

in case of stable fracture a splint or cast may be used. When a fracture is unstable or displaced surgery may be needed. Once the bony fragments are reduced different option are available to fix them, such as pins, plates, screws or external fixator. Plates and screws allow in some case immediate mobilization of the hand or the wrist. Hand therapy is important to restore motion and strength, even if in more severe cases an impairment of function and strength may remain.