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Ambulatorio on line

International Patients

Many Patients reach Doctor Pegoli from abroad.
To welcome and help them in organizing their stay in Milan or Turin a dedicated assistance has been created.
The Hand Units are conveniently located, few minutes away from the main Central Station and easly accessibile from the three main airports serving Milan: Linate (20 minutes), Malpensa 45 minutes (Terminal 1 – Terminal 2), Orio al Serio (45 minutes) or from the main airport serving Turin Caselle (15 minutes).
Doctor Pegoli is available to make consultation in your country; the estimate will be done according to the location, time needed and kind of medical condition

Many services are available upon request:
Travel agency
Travel agency:
to help you with your trip and accommodation, customised to meet your needs and budget, from luxury hotels to low budget ones, including airport pick-up and any assistance during your stay.
For more information, visit the website or write to
Translation service
Translation service Translation service:
For more information, visit the website or write to
Image Consultant & Personal shopper
Image Consultant & Personal shopper:
for those who would like to fully experience the fashion capital:
For more information, visit the website or write to

For more information please contact:

Location: San Pio X Clinic is conveniently locate downtown Milan, J Medical is located within the Juventus Allianz Stadium
By train:
5 minutes by taxi from Milan Central Station
15 minutes by taxi from closest Station
By airplane:
3 main airport serve Milan, Linate (20 minutes), Malpensa 45 minutes (Terminal 1 – Terminal 2), Orio al Serio (45 minutes)
1 main airport serve Turin, Caselle (15 minutes)
An American patient on vacation in Italy
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of medical services are available for international patients?
Consultations, surgeries, hand therapy sessions or custom made splinting related to any sport, daily live or working conditions affecting the wrist and hand are available. Most of all surgical procedures and special minimally invasive ones, such as endoscopic carpal tunnel release, endoscopic trigger finger release (introduced by Doctor Pegoli in Europe 13 years ago), arthroscopy, endoscopic forearm fasciotomy for chronic exercional syndrome are performed in one day surgery regimen.
How long will I need to stay?
The length of your stay depends on your condition and treatment. Usually the majority of procedures are performed on one day surgery regimen previous a consultation by Doctor Pegoli. The time from consultation to surgery may differ from case to case and may vary for private patients from one to 4 days after the first consultation. It is generally suggested to give yourself a week to 10 days, in case an additional testing, treatments after your consultation is expected (such as surgery, rehabilitative session).
Where can I stay while receiving care?
A number of local hotels will be available through a travel agency. Please see the link below
Can I register by telephone?
Yes, but we raccomend to book your consultation through the dedicated email:
What is the cost of care?
All the information and and estimate will be sent to you by mail based on the services your clinical care will require. This estimate is provided based on information available to us at the time.
Will my insurance cover the cost of services?
Coverage depends on the patient's insurance policy. Please contact your insurance company to ensure they will cover your services.
Which services must be paid up front?
Self-pay patients are expected to pre-pay for all elective or scheduled services prior to receiving care.
How should I send my medical documents?
You can send medical records electronically, via email. You should send hard copies of your films or slides via courier services.
Can I send medical documents written in other languages?
All documents must be in English. We recommend records to be translated at home to avoid any delays.
Is a translation service available for medical documents?
No. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide documents in Italian or English
Are interpreter services available?
An interpreter will be provided only upon request in advanced.
You could contact or visit the website